Giovanny M. Nunez, MD | Psychiatrist | Centro Médico Dominicano

A renowned voice in health care and psychiatry, Giovanny M. Nunez, MD has been active in the field for more than three decades. Since 1994, she has excelled as an outpatient psychiatrist at St. Mark’s Place Institute for Mental Health in New York City, a comprehensive, patient-centered mental, physical, and substance use disorder treatment. In addition, he worked as an in-patient psychiatrist at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital for 18 years, providing treatment and psychiatric care to patients, and currently finds success as an outpatient psychiatrist at Centro Medico Dominicano, a multicultural and bilingual medical facility that serves the Hispanic community in Washington Heights.

Reflecting on her accomplished career, Dr. Nunez credits her success to working harder than most. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, she grew up with a deep passion for reading, especially books on psychology, which fueled her interest in understanding people better. She also had a natural inclination to help people, listen to them and their personal stories; even young boys felt comfortable talking to her about their issues.

She eventually attained a Doctor of Medicine from the Universidad Autonoma de Santa Domingo in 1989; she knew she belonged in the field of psychology, but it was not a popular profession in her country and offered limited employment opportunities. When she relocated to the United States, she traversed the challenges of building a career without knowing the language and having to prove her capabilities more than others—all while fully pursuing her passion for psychiatry. She completed her psychiatric residency at Cabrini Medical Center and earned her certification in geriatric psychiatry from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

As a testament to her dedication and tenacity, Dr. Nunez was recognized as Resident of the Year in 1997 and Physician Excellence of the Year in 2004. She has loved being able to serve the community, help others, and work alongside her colleagues. Outside of her professional life, she is extremely proud of her role as a mother to two daughters, whom she considers constant sources of happiness, motivation, and support. In addition, she enjoys spending her free time reading, going to the theater, and traveling.

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